Honey Butter Rice Cakes

by MJ

If you love rice cakes but prefer a non spicy version, you’ll love this simple and delicious honey butter option.

Serving them on skewers makes a great appetizer for a crowd or for kids to grab as a snack. 

Boil the rice cakes for about 20 seconds to soften. If you’re not using skewers or if you’re using fresh rice cakes, you can skip the boiling step.

If you’re not boiling the rice cakes, soak the rice cakes in water for about 20 minutes before cooking to help soften before cooking.

I browned the rice cakes in oil first to get it crispy before adding in some butter and honey.

If you prefer it non crispy or without the skewers, sauté the softened rice cakes in some butter until soft, then stir in the honey. 

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