Rice Paper Dumplings

by MJ

This week, I’m posting various ways to make and wrap dumplings for Lunar New Year! I had some filling left from my previous Steamed Kimchi Dumplings post so today, I’m showing you how to wrap dumplings using rice paper.

The texture and look is similar to har gow and makes a great gluten free option! You can find round rice paper in any asian markets or nowadays they are available in many grocery stores in the Asian section. This post explains how to wrap the dumplings with rice paper. For the filling recipe and steaming instructions, refer to the Kimchi Dumplings Recipe or other recipes under “Dumplings” .

Here is what you need BEFORE starting: Kitchen scissors, rice paper, bowl with warm water, and filling.

It’s important that you have everything in place before you start as once the rice paper is soaked in water, it starts to soften and eventually will be too soft and sticky to handle. I also only soak / wrap one dumpling at a time for this reason.

Once the dumplings are wrapped, place them on top of parchment paper or plastic and coat with oil or cooking spray to prevent sticking . Refer to the VIDEO BELOW for wrapping instructions.

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